Monday, 24 January 2011

Birth of the World

Immanuel Velikovsky was born on 10 June 1985 to Vitebsk in Russia. He was a respected psychiatrist and psychoanalist. But what that made him famous in the scientific community was his one what provoke 'quite a lot of doubts and weighing disputes does: The "Worlds" book "in collision."
In the book it is specified the planet Venus was born as a comet
that for I wonder what event, was expelled from the planet Jupiter, and his way through the solar system began. His gravitational field created deep changes in the planets lodged in the solar system: Some of them changed orbit or sense of rotation.

As a mad top the comet Venus upset the balances really up to then consolidated it.


This theory would find foundation not from astronomical or scientific data but from the history; in fact in every civilization find track of cataclysms that upset the earth: Give Mayan, to Chineses to the Christian religion documented in the witnesses of the Bibbia.Proprio by the Scriptures find particular links with him events catastrophic that upset Egypt: The sores how punishment divines demonstrated with rivers of blood, blazing rain (which we could find a material ferrous one was detaching from the comet relation and he was falling down in the terrestrial atmosphere;) or same crossing on foot as the Red Sea would have been possible for the unbelievable tide caused by the attraction of the near comet; also the rotation of the earth underwent a remarkable slowing down ("thick darkness in Egypt for 3 days.")

Same her "Manna" known in the ancient will how the bread of the angels that satiated the people of Israel in his long pilgrimage could be recognizable to a carbohydrate fall that were coming by the comet.


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